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The story of a friendship

built on snacks and smiles.

Hello Kitty is known for bringing joy to people around the world. Combine that with Bokksu’s authentic Japanese flavors, and the result is a bi-monthly box of curated cuteness. Expect exceptional snacks, special surprises, and the kind of fun that could only come from these two brands. 

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Authentic snacks

for authentic smiles.

We’re the leader in bringing authentic Japanese flavors and experiences to people around the world. Since 2016, we have been partnering directly with small family businesses across Japan to share their authentic snacks and stories.



Launching the collaboration.

Hello Kitty loves to make new friends, so we made sure everyone was invited for the very beginning of this one-of-a-kind friendship.


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Q & A



How did this collaboration start?

Growing up, I always loved Hello Kitty, so when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Sanrio (thanks to a Bokksu teammate with connections!), I had to jump on it. At first, we proposed a one-off evergreen box, but Sanrio loved our snacks and storytelling so much, they wanted to partner with us on a new, ongoing subscription box! Since then, we’ve worked closely with them to deliver snacks and smiles to you, the Bokksu way.

What is your favorite part of this box subscription?

My favorite part about this collaboration would have to be the private label products we’ve been able to create with our makers in Japan. A lot of existing Hello Kitty products are geared towards children, but we received special permission from Sanrio to brand exclusive snacks for our subscribers with Hello Kitty and Friends designs. And best of all, the Japanese snacks are authentic and delicious!

How does Bokksu come up with each theme?

We plan our themes far in advance to make sure that they’re the most fun they can be! We’ll consider the seasonality, if they could be related to Japanese culture, the Sanrio characters, and even the characters’ birth months. Once we’ve established the themes, we tightly curate the snacks and develop stories behind each of the characters who are attending the month’s “party”! It’s a job that never gets old.

Do you have a favorite character?

As a child, my favorite was Keroppi (I had a child-sized plushie of him that I hugged a lot). But now, I love Aggretsuko, a red panda who’s an office worker in Tokyo by day and a heavy metal karaoke fiend by night. She really embodies the angst of a modern Japanese worker who desperately wants to express herself — something I related to when living in Japan!